William Kingston

William Kingston
b: 29 May 1803
d: 10 Aug 1888
The first of the Kingston family to come to Van Dieman\\'s Land was William who, in 1825, had been tried in the Surrey Assizes for helping to steal goods valued at 29 pounds, ten shillings and nine pence. He was sentenced "to be hung by the neck till he be dead". He was granted a reprieve and was ordered to be sent to the new colony in Van Dieman\\'s Land, which had been established twenty two years prior to this. THere was a great need for experienced farm labourers and William, being a good ploughman, was sent out as a convict.

He came out on the ship called "The Woodman", which left London on 6 Dec 1825 with 150 male convicts on board. "The Woodman" was a 419 tonne ship which was built at Gainsborough in 1808 and was employed to transport convicts to the colonies. On this voyage they came via Cape Town and four of the convicts died during the voyage. The master of the ship was Dan Leary and the surgeon was John Rodmell.

William Kingston was among the men sent to Richmond. On 30 May 1828 he is recorded as being punished for neglect of duty and insolence. At that time he was 25 years of age.

On 21 May 1832 he was married, in Hobart Town, to Ann Clutterbuck. He was later sent to Maria Island. By 1838 he had two sons and was working for a Mr. Glover, who owned property at Orford. On 30 Aug 1838 he received a conditional pardon (no. 1832). He worked at Rhebon for a while and then, in the 1840\\'s, he purchased land at Bream Creek and established a farm. William and Ann had four children - William George (1835), Stephen (1837), Lucy Ann (1841) and Charles (1844).


William and George Kingston along with William and Thomas Chuter were convicted at the Surrey Assizes on the 14th March 1825 of burglary in the dwelling of Elizabeth Billinghurst and stealing goods to the value of nineteen pounds, fourteen shillings and six pence. Also on the 15th December 1824 did also enter the dwelling of Elizabeth Billinghurst and stole nine yards of silk to the value of fifty four pounds, five yards of bombasin to the value of seven pounds, one coat of the value of eighteen shillings, one frill to the value of one shilling, fifty yards of brown holland to the value of fifty shillings, twenty waistcoats to the value of four pounds, twenty yards of irish linen to the value of two pounds, fifty yards of printed cotton to the value of eighteen pence being the goods of and chattels of Elizabeth Billinghurst and one pistol to the value of ten shillings also the goods and chattels of Elizabeth Billinghurst.

A second charge was against William Kingston and Thomas Chuter that they did enter the house of Charles Buckingham and did steal fifteen pairs of shoes to the value of thirty shillings, one shoe to the value of four shillings, fifty pounds weight of leather to the value of eight pounds, one punch to the value of three pence and two thousand nails to the value of two shillings, being the property of said Charles Buckingham.

The verdict being "let them be severally hanged by the neck until they are dead" This was however commuted to transportation for life.
  • 29 May 1803 - Birth - ; Stafforshire, England
  • 10 Aug 1888 - Death -
George Kingston
18 Apr 1751 - 1823
George Kingston
1775 - 1837
Lucy Trift
1755 - 12 Apr 1785
William Kingston
29 May 1803 - 10 Aug 1888
Elizabeth Greenway
1778 - Oct 1851
Family Group Sheet - Child
PARENT (M) George Kingston
Birth1775Curate of Seale, Surrey, England
Death1837 Frensham, Surrey, England
Marriageto Elizabeth Greenway
FatherGeorge Kingston
MotherLucy Trift
PARENT (F) Elizabeth Greenway
Birth1778Basingstoke, Hampshire, England
DeathOct 1851 Frensham, Surrey, England
Marriageto George Kingston
MWilliam Kingston
Birth29 May 1803Stafforshire, England
Death10 Aug 1888
Marriage21 May 1832to Ann Clutterbuck at St David's Church of England, Hobart, Tasmania
MGeorge Kingston
Birth24 Apr 1804Frensham, Surrey, England
Death4 Mar 1840New Norfolk, Tasmania, Australia
Marriage16 Apr 1821to Sarah Burnett at England
FLouisa Kingston
Marriageto James Luff
FHarriott Kingston
Birth1810Frensham, Surrey, England
MCharles Kingston
Birth22 Sep 1812Frensham, Surrey, England
Death8 Jun 1882Bream Creek, Tasmania, Australia
Marriage25 Dec 1838to Elizabeth Englefield at Lambeth, Surrey, England
FEliza Kingston
Birth24 Aug 1817Frensham, Surrey, England
DeathJun 1884Hampshire, England
Marriageto George Wilson
MStephen Kingston
Marriageto Martha McGlessen
Family Group Sheet - Spouse
PARENT (M) William Kingston
Birth29 May 1803Stafforshire, England
Death10 Aug 1888
Marriage21 May 1832to Ann Clutterbuck at St David's Church of England, Hobart, Tasmania
FatherGeorge Kingston
MotherElizabeth Greenway
PARENT (F) Ann Clutterbuck
Birth1811Paulerspury, Northamptonshire, United Kingdom
Death11 Aug 1879 Sorrell, Tasmania
Marriage21 May 1832to William Kingston at St David's Church of England, Hobart, Tasmania
MWilliam George Kingston
Birth21 Oct 1835
Death29 Apr 1917
Marriage28 Jul 1856to Elizabeth Dunbabin at Sorell, Tasmania, Australia
MStephen Kingston
Birth25 Sep 1837
Death15 Apr 1881Bream Creek, Tasmania, Australia
Marriage1859to Jane Williams at Sorell, Tasmania, Australia
FLucy Ann Kingston
Marriage6 Oct 1857to Henry Smith
MCharles Kingston
Birth1 Feb 1844Hobart, Tasmania, Australia
Death31 Oct 1922"Mayfield", Kellevie, Tasmania, Australia
Marriage12 Aug 1869to Mary Jemina Payne
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Descendancy Chart
William Kingston b: 29 May 1803 d: 10 Aug 1888
Ann Clutterbuck b: 1811 d: 11 Aug 1879
William George Kingston b: 21 Oct 1835 d: 29 Apr 1917
Elizabeth Dunbabin b: 1839 d: Jun 1909
Stephen Kingston b: 25 Sep 1837 d: 15 Apr 1881
Jane Williams b: 1842
F Kingston b: 1862
Joseph Epheriam Kingston b: 1867 d: 1941
George William Kingston b: 1874 d: 1925
Lucy Ann Kingston b: 1841 d: 1888
Charles Kingston b: 1 Feb 1844 d: 31 Oct 1922
Mary Jemina Payne b: 23 Oct 1852 d: 14 Jan 1920
Cecil Herbert Kingston b: 8 Nov 1885 d: 15 Sep 1916
Charles Egan Kingston b: 7 Jun 1870 d: 17 Oct 1911
Amy Edith Mary Ann Kingston b: 5 May 1872 d: 14 Sep 1950
Francis Stephen Edward Kingston b: 10 Oct 1875 d: 23 Feb 1933
Bertha Alice Clifford b: 1881 d: 1958
Arthur Ernest William Kingston b: 1 May 1878 d: 21 Feb 1879
Ernest Albert Kingston b: 13 Aug 1879 d: 14 Nov 1879
Alfred Leonard Kingston b: 9 Oct 1880 d: 27 Jan 1882
Archie Edward Kingston b: 4 Feb 1883
Effie Hilda Blanche Kingston b: 13 Nov 1887 d: 1963
Olive Ada Beatrice Kingston b: 14 Nov 1889 d: 13 Mar 1893
Frederick Clyde Kingston b: 11 Aug 1892 d: 5 Aug 1920
Virginia Olga Largen d: 27 Mar 1967
Douglas Clyde Kingston b: 2 Jul 1919 d: 15 Sep 1980
Bertha Louise Kingston b: 4 Oct 1873 d: 1966
Harold Witcombe b: 23 Jul 1853 d: 5 Jun 1921
Joyce Hilda Witcombe b: 25 Dec 1915 d: 18 Jan 1994
Robert Frank Morton Bob Cleeland b: 24 Jul 1911 d: 20 Apr 1999
Peter Robert Cleeland b: 31 May 1938 d: 17 Sep 2007
Janet Dorothy Reid b: 1 Dec 1946 d: 28 Nov 2010
Charles Harold Witcombe b: 20 Aug 1904 d: 20 Jul 1975
William John Witcombe b: 1906 d: 9 Oct 1926
Mary Eleanor Witcombe b: 14 Oct 1907 d: 2007
Roy Edgar Witcombe b: 1912 d: 7 Nov 1924