This site is maintained by Jason Cleeland. I bought the domain so that Cleelands around the world could have an email address just for themselves.

Would you like your own myname@cleeland.org email address? You can, I won’t charge you for it or anything. I’ll set you up a forwarding address, so any email sent to “yourname@cleeland.org” will automatically get forwarded to whatever email address you currently use (the email doesn’t stop here, it just gets automatically rerouted to your personal email). All you have to do is ask (and have some link to the Cleeland name & family tree). Then email me at jason[at]cleeland.org.

How does it work?

You have an email address “william.cleeland@somehostingservice.com” but you’d rather have the address “william@cleeland.org”. I set up our server so that any email sent to “william@cleeland.org” gets forwarded to “william.cleeland@somehostingservice.com”

You don’t need to change any of your mail settings (except you could change your “sender” to “william@cleeland.org”. You still receive all emails sent to “william.cleeland@somehostingservice.com”, and these will include the forwarded emails to william@cleeland.org.

Best of all, if – one day – you change your hosting provider from somehostingservice.com and they give you a new email address “william.cleeland937@otherhostingservice.com”, you just let me know, and I’ll reroute all your william@cleeland.org emails to the new address. You won’t even have to let your friends know about the change. It’s all seemless.

Why am I doing this? Why not? It doesn’t cost me anything – I pay for this domain for my own use (jason@cleeland.org) already, and I can’t see any reason why other Cleelands around the world shouldn’t also get the use of it… otherwise it’s all just wasted.

The forwards are setup using the cpanel forwarding system. The emails do not ever stop here, and I am not able to view them. The email server simply instantly forwards them on to the destination address.