Mary Springham

Mary Springham
b: 29 Feb 1768
d: 18 Jun 1796
William Hambly and Mary Springham, both of whome arrived in Australia in the First Fleet. William Hambly was a carpenter on the flagship the "Sirius" and a free settler. Mary Springham was a convict convicted of theft at the Old Bailey in September 1786. There is no record of a marriage. Four children were born of this union.

Mary Springham died on Norfolk Island 18th June 1796 at age 30. She is buried on Norfolk.

=== FROM Baily/Brown Family Tree by KarinatEvans, ===

Died 15 July 1796 possible at Cascade.

Her headstone today is part of the stone floor at the Lions Club room at Kingston on Norfolk Island which was the Surgeon's Kitchen, it is quite possible it was shifted from sands or ground at Emily Bay, during the second settlement.
Convict Mary SPRINGHAM Lady Penrhyn 1788 Mary arrived on Norfolk Island, 13 March 1790, aboard the Sirius with William Hambly/Hambley. She married William Hambly on 5 November 1791 Norfolk Island, he arrived as a carpenters mate on the Sirius 1788 and recorded as a Settler in March 1791.

Mary was buried under the name of Springham, she was buried with her daughter Mary Springham who died 17 June 1796

=== RochelleDavis113 from Ancestry.Com.Au, transcribed from Old Bailey Records === Reference Number: t17861025-73

"830. MARY SPRINGHAM was indicted for feloniously stealing, on the 5th day of March last, two guineas, value 2 l. 2 s. and nine shillings in monies numbered, and an iron japanned snuff box, value 1 d. the property of William Reynolds , privily from the person of Mary Reynolds .

My husband's name is William Reynolds ; I live at No. 4, George-street, Spital-fields; the prisoner robbed me on the 5th of March; I never saw her before; I was coming home from Gravesend on the sabbath-day, about eight in the morning; the prisoner came with me in a Gravesend boat; her mother lives in Baker's-row, Whitechapel ; I was taken very ill going up the New-road; she asked me to go into her mother's; I went in there, and I fainted away; she brought a little water and washed my face, and brought me too; and asked me to lay down on her mother's bed, in a little back room; I said, I would be glad; and she led me into the room; and I laid down on the bed; she said, nothing should hurt me, till she came to me again, and she would lock the door, and take the key in her pocket; the prisoner locked me in; I had a silk handkerchief about my neck; I awoke and found the prisoner searching my pockets; she ran away, and away she went; there were two guineas in gold. three silver half crowns, one shilling, and a sixpence; the gold was tied up in my black silk handkerchief, and round my neck in a double knot; the silver was in a japanned iron snuff box in my pocket; the snuff box was taken with the money in it; when she went out of the room, I could not go so quick after her, and there were three turnings; I could not tell which of the turnings she went down.

Prisoner. She asked me in the lock-up room to make it up with her, she said, she was very poor? - I did not.

I am a weaver by trade; I follow the deal portering now; I am come from the Streights; I went in pursuit of Mary Springham ; I met her coming home and three more; it was about five weeks ago; I followed her, and told the prosecutrix to take her into custody.

Court to Mary Reynolds . You knew where this woman lived? - No; I knew where her mother lived.

You knew her name also? - I knew the name she went by.

How came it then you did not go before a Justice of the Peace? - I did the next day, and took the mother into custody; I made enquiries after her, but could not find her.


We came from Gravesend together; the prosecutrix borrowed three-pence of me, because she had no money; coming through Limehouse, she says to me Poll, I want to call for something to drink; I went to my brother's and had some breakfast; says I, now Mrs. Forecast, I wish you a good by; she went home with me; she was taken very ill, and sent for a quartern and half of gin, and changed sixpence; my mother asked her to lay down; says she, do not leave me; says I, I am sleepy, I must go home to bed; I left this gentlewoman at my mother's, and saw no more of her till five weeks ago she charged me with this.

GUILTY Of stealing .

Transported for seven years .

Tried by the first Middlesex Jury before Mr. Justice HEATH."

=== EXTRACT ===

BIOGRAPHY: From "The Founders of Australia" by Mollie Gillen (p.341):Mary Springham was returning home by boat from Gravesend to her home, where she lived with her mother in Baker's Row, Whitechapel. A woman passenger was taken ill on the boat, and Mary took her home, where she fainted, brought her water and washed her face. Settling her on her mother's bed, she locked the door and put the key in her pocket "for safety". The victim said that on awaking she found Mary searching her pockets, and "she ran away and away she went". Mary's story was different. Coming along Limehouse the woman had said, "Poll, I want something to drink" and she went home with Mary, sending for gin and saying not to leave her. Five weeks later, Mary was charged with the theft.

BIOGRAPHY: On 6 January 1787, all the female convicts in Newgate Prison under sentence oftransportation were sent to the "Lady Penrhyn" on the Thames. In April 1787
Governor Phillip complained to the Under Secretary concerning the excessivenumber put on board the ship.

BIOGRAPHY: Lady Penrhyn - Part of the FIRST FLEET======================================
Built: 1786 at Thames Weight: 333 tons
Depart: 13 May 1787 Portsmouth, ENGLAND
Arrive: 22 Jan 1788 Port Jackson, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA 252 days
Departed with 101 female convicts onboard Master: Wm Cropton Sever Surgeons:John Turnpenny Altree & Arthur Bowes

BIOGRAPHY: The FIRST FLEET===============
Capt. Arthur Phillip, R.N. was commissioned as the first Governor of New South
Wales. He set sail on May 13th, 1787 from Portsmouth with 11 vessels
[Alexander, Lady Penrhyn, Charlotte, Scarborough, Friendship, Prince of Wales;
supplies, equipment and livestock on Borrowdale, Fishburn, Golden Grove; navy
ships, man-o'-war Sirius and armed tender Supply]. He arrived in N.S.W. with717 convicts of whom 180 were women, guarded by 191 marines under 19 officers.

BIOGRAPHY: Departed for Norfolk Island with William (jnr) on 4 March 1790 aboard the Sirius . Of course, William (snr) - who she had not yet married - was aboard as carpenter's crew.

BIRTH: Her year of birth has been listed by some as 1765 or c1765. However, 29 February di d not occur in 1765, but did occur in 1768. It is also about four weeks before her Christening.

Father: John Robert SPRINGHAM b: ABT 1740 in Mother: Mary (SPRINGHAM) b: ABT 1740 in

Marriage 1 William HAMBLY b: 1760 in St Clements,Cornwall,EnglandMarried: 5 NOV 1791 in Norfolk Island,New South Wales,Australia
William HAMBLY b: JUL 1789 in Port Jackson,New South Wales,Australia
Elizabeth HAMBLY b: 30 JAN 1794 in Norfolk Island,New South Wales,Australia
Mary HAMBLY b: 1795 in Norfolk Island,New South Wales,Australia Unnamed HAMBLY b: 11 JUN 1796 in Norfolk Island,New South Wales,Australia

=== CONVICT TALES, Shared by Maureen 1788 of Ancestry.Com.Au ===
In October 1786, a young hawker named Mary SPRINGHAM was tried at the Old Bailey of London, found guilty of stealing two guineas, nine shillings and a snuff box in March of that year and sentenced to seven years transportation. She was 21 years old.

In January 1787 all the female convicts in Newgate prison under sentence of transportation were sent to Lady Penrhyn on the Thames. In April Governor Phillip complained to the Under Secretary concerning the excessive number put on board the ship. In May the ship left with the First Fleet for the new colony of New South Wales carrying a cargo of over one hundred women convicts, six marines and five children.

In January 1790, Mary's son William by William Hambly, a carpenter's mate on Sirius was christened at Sydney Cove. William Hambly was married to Mary on 5 Nov 1791 at Norfolk Island. Their daughter Elizabeth was born in January 1794 and another child, Mary, died in infancy in 1795. Mary Springham died there in June 1796. By this time William had 60 acres of land (lot 45) at Little Cascade.

In 1805 the government decided to abandon the settlement of Norfolk Island. William and his children William and Elizabeth Springham left on the second embarkation on HMS Porpoise on 26 December 1807 for the Derwent in Van Diemen's Land.
  • 29 Feb 1768 - Birth - ; St Leonard Shoreditch, Middlesex, England
  • 18 Jun 1796 - Death - ; Norfolk Island, New South Wales, Australia
John Robert Springham
ABT 1740 - 1789
Mary Springham
29 Feb 1768 - 18 Jun 1796
Mary Yardley
ABT 1740 - 1815
Family Group Sheet - Child
PARENT (M) John Robert Springham
BirthABT 1740London, Middlesex, England
Death1789 Whitechapel, Middlesex, England
Marriage14 Oct 1765to Mary Yardley at Sawbridgeworth, Hertfordshire, England
PARENT (F) Mary Yardley
BirthABT 1740London, Middlesex, England
Death1815 Surrey
Marriage14 Oct 1765to John Robert Springham at Sawbridgeworth, Hertfordshire, England
FatherJoseph Yardley
FMary Springham
Birth29 Feb 1768St Leonard Shoreditch, Middlesex, England
Death18 Jun 1796Norfolk Island, New South Wales, Australia
Marriage5 Nov 1791to William Hambly at Norfolk Island, New South Wales, Australia
MJohn Springham
MNathaniel Springham
Family Group Sheet - Spouse
PARENT (M) William Hambly
Birth18 May 1760St Clements, Cornwall, England
Death21 Oct 1835 Port Sorell, Tasmania
Marriage5 Nov 1791to Mary Springham at Norfolk Island, New South Wales, Australia
FatherRichard Hambly
MotherElizabeth Tristreal
PARENT (F) Mary Springham
Birth29 Feb 1768St Leonard Shoreditch, Middlesex, England
Death18 Jun 1796 Norfolk Island, New South Wales, Australia
Marriage5 Nov 1791to William Hambly at Norfolk Island, New South Wales, Australia
FatherJohn Robert Springham
MotherMary Yardley
FElizabeth Hambly
Birth17 Jan 1794Norfolk Island
Death6 Sep 1853Port Sorell, Tasmania
Marriage27 Jun 1808to John Duncombe
Marriageto William Steer
MWilliam Hambly
FMary Hambly
Death15 Jul 1795Norfolk Island
UUnnamed Hambly
Birth11 Jun 1796
Death15 Jul 1796
Descendancy Chart
Mary Springham b: 29 Feb 1768 d: 18 Jun 1796
William Hambly b: 18 May 1760 d: 21 Oct 1835
Elizabeth Hambly b: 17 Jan 1794 d: 6 Sep 1853
John Duncombe b: 19 Jul 1772 d: 23 Nov 1835
Mary Duncombe b: 1813 d: 29 Jul 1874
Charles Richardson b: 1797 d: 8 Mar 1875
Mary Ann Richardson b: 6 Apr 1832 d: 20 Jul 1860
Charles Payne b: 1818 d: 9 Jan 1867
William Payne b: 12 Sep 1855
Arthur Payne b: 31 Jul 1854
Stephen Payne b: 1857
Mary Jemina Payne b: 23 Oct 1852 d: 14 Jan 1920
Charles Kingston b: 1 Feb 1844 d: 31 Oct 1922
Cecil Herbert Kingston b: 8 Nov 1885 d: 15 Sep 1916
Charles Egan Kingston b: 7 Jun 1870 d: 17 Oct 1911
Amy Edith Mary Ann Kingston b: 5 May 1872 d: 14 Sep 1950
Francis Stephen Edward Kingston b: 10 Oct 1875 d: 23 Feb 1933
Bertha Alice Clifford b: 1881 d: 1958
Arthur Ernest William Kingston b: 1 May 1878 d: 21 Feb 1879
Ernest Albert Kingston b: 13 Aug 1879 d: 14 Nov 1879
Alfred Leonard Kingston b: 9 Oct 1880 d: 27 Jan 1882
Archie Edward Kingston b: 4 Feb 1883
Effie Hilda Blanche Kingston b: 13 Nov 1887 d: 1963
Olive Ada Beatrice Kingston b: 14 Nov 1889 d: 13 Mar 1893
Frederick Clyde Kingston b: 11 Aug 1892 d: 5 Aug 1920
Virginia Olga Largen d: 27 Mar 1967
Douglas Clyde Kingston b: 2 Jul 1919 d: 15 Sep 1980
Bertha Louise Kingston b: 4 Oct 1873 d: 1966
Harold Witcombe b: 23 Jul 1853 d: 5 Jun 1921
Joyce Hilda Witcombe b: 25 Dec 1915 d: 18 Jan 1994
Robert Frank Morton Bob Cleeland b: 24 Jul 1911 d: 20 Apr 1999
Peter Robert Cleeland b: 31 May 1938 d: 17 Sep 2007
Janet Dorothy Reid b: 1 Dec 1946 d: 28 Nov 2010
Charles Harold Witcombe b: 20 Aug 1904 d: 20 Jul 1975
William John Witcombe b: 1906 d: 9 Oct 1926
Mary Eleanor Witcombe b: 14 Oct 1907 d: 2007
Roy Edgar Witcombe b: 1912 d: 7 Nov 1924
Susan Richardson b: 8 Dec 1829
Charles Richardson b: 11 Jul 1834
William Richardson b: 26 Sep 1836
James Richardson b: 10 Oct 1838
Emily Richardson b: 10 Sep 1843
Hannah Richardson b: 19 Mar 1846
Rachel Richardson b: 11 Sep 1848
Lucy Steer b: 28 Sep 1817
George Steer b: 23 Dec 1819
Mary Hambly b: 1795 d: 15 Jul 1795
Unnamed Hambly b: 11 Jun 1796 d: 15 Jul 1796