Kingston, Bertha Louise

Bertha Louise Kingston
b: 4 Oct 1873
d: 1966
Bertha Kingston
Bertha Louisa Kingston was born at Bream Creek Tasmania on the 4th October 1873; she was the third child of Mary Jemina Payne and Charles Kingston.
Mary born 23rd October 1852 was the daughter of Charles Payne a convict and Mary Ann Richardson. She married Charles Kingston on 12th August 1869 when she was seventeen years old. The witnesses were Charles’ father and brother. Charles was the son of William Kingston and Ann Clutterbuck who arrived in Tasmania as a servant from India. William had arrived as a convict on the Woodman in April 1826, sentenced to transportation for theft, with another, of 15 pairs of shoes, 50lbs of leather, a punch and 2000 nails from the dwelling house of Charles Buckingham, at Hambledon, Surrey plus 140 yards of linen, cotton and silk, various items of clothing and a pistol from the house of Elizabeth Billinghurst in the parish of Witley, a few miles from Hambledon. He had originally been sentenced to death but the sentence was commuted to transportation for life. William was twenty three, a farmer’s labourer and ploughman, useful occupations in the colony then where ploughmen were in great demand. He married Ann Clutterbuck at St David’s C of E on 21st may 1832. Ann Clutterbuck was an interesting person; she arrived from Calcutta, India, on the barque Research as a servant of Captain Davidson who had two other servants with him, Haldy and Toby. Ann was at least part Indian, and a family legend claims she was an Indian princess. I was told that Granny often said that she was descended from an Indian princess.
Mary and Charles Kingston lived at Bream Creek where Charles was a successful farmer. Their property was known as Southend, and on the 1870 assessment roll Charles is shown to be the owner occupier of a cottage and 100acre farm with a value of £25. They registered twelve children four of whom died in infancy, and only three of the remaining children married.
Mary and Charles had twelve children:
Charles born 7th June 1970
Amy born 5th May 1872
*Bertha born 4th October 1873 (Granny)
Francis born 10th October 1875
Arthur born 1st May 1878
Ernest born 13th August 1879
Alfred born 9th October 1880
Archie born 4th February 1883 (Uncle Arch)
Cecil born 5th November 1885
Effie born 13th November 1887 (Aunty Hilda)
Olive born 14th November 1889
Frederick born 11th August 1892

The only ones I met were my grandmother Bertha and my Dad’s aunty Hilda who lived in Preston and was married to Dad’s Uncle Bert Hill. I also met Uncle Arch who had a dairy farm at Bundoora and who was married to Aunty Amy. During the 1950’s I stayed at that farm with my cousin Peter for a few days and had a great time.
The few facts I have of Bertha’s early life I got from her when she lived with Aunty Joy and Uncle Bob during her final years. She told me she lived on her parent’s 100 acre farm known as Southend she went to school in Bream creek and that she used to ride a horse to school. She went further to say that the horse eventually got too old for it to eat so he father shot it.
I subsequently found out that she went to Hobart and entered domestic service where she eventually met my grandfather Harry when she went to work as a housekeeper for him. As described earlier she married Harry and they had five children three of which who survived to adulthood.
(Dad, Aunty Mary and Aunty Joy)
Bertha as I mentioned earlier lived with Uncle Bob and Aunty Joy Cleeland in Preston along with my cousins Wendy and her brother Peter. Aunty Joy looked after Granny for many years until Granny’s final illness became terminal which required her to be admitted to full time care at Mt Royal Nursing Home in the mid 1960’s where she remained until her death in late 1966. She was cremated and her ashes are at Fawkner cemetery and can remain there as they are not subject to the twenty year lease rule.

Bertha Louise Kingston was the second daughter (3rd child) of Charles and Mary Kingston and was born at Bream Creek on the 4th of October 1873. On the 25th of April 1904, at the age of 30 years, she married Harry Witcombe and they had five children. Bertha and Mary moved out of their house, on which they owed money, during the depression years of the 1930\'s. This was a time of great hardship for many families and work was scarce. They moved to Melbourne to obtain work and most of their descendants still live in Victoria.
  • 4 Oct 1873 - Birth - ; Bream Creek, Tasmania
  • 1966 - Death -
William Kingston
29 May 1803 - 10 Aug 1888
Charles Kingston
1 Feb 1844 - 31 Oct 1922
Ann Clutterbuck
1811 - 11 Aug 1879
Bertha Louise Kingston
4 Oct 1873 - 1966
Charles Payne
1818 - 9 Jan 1867
Mary Jemina Payne
23 Oct 1852 - 14 Jan 1920
Mary Ann Richardson
6 Apr 1832 - 20 Jul 1860
Family Group Sheet - Child
PARENT (M) Charles Kingston
Birth1 Feb 1844Hobart, Tasmania, Australia
Death31 Oct 1922 "Mayfield", Kellevie, Tasmania, Australia
Marriage12 Aug 1869to Mary Jemina Payne
FatherWilliam Kingston
MotherAnn Clutterbuck
PARENT (F) Mary Jemina Payne
Birth23 Oct 1852
Death14 Jan 1920 Bream Creek, Tasmania, Australia
Marriage12 Aug 1869to Charles Kingston
FatherCharles Payne
MotherMary Ann Richardson
MCecil Herbert Kingston
Birth8 Nov 1885
Death15 Sep 1916
MCharles Egan Kingston
Birth7 Jun 1870
Death17 Oct 1911Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
FAmy Edith Mary Ann Kingston
Birth5 May 1872Sorell, Tasmania, Australia
Death14 Sep 1950Hobart, Tasmania, Australia
Marriage21 Jan 1897to Tasman Copping
MFrancis Stephen Edward Kingston
Birth10 Oct 1875
Death23 Feb 1933
Marriageto Bertha Alice Clifford
MArthur Ernest William Kingston
Birth1 May 1878
Death21 Feb 1879
MErnest Albert Kingston
Birth13 Aug 1879
Death14 Nov 1879
MAlfred Leonard Kingston
Birth9 Oct 1880
Death27 Jan 1882
MArchie Edward Kingston
Birth4 Feb 1883Port Sorell, Tasmania
Marriage1910to Amy Emily Bolton
FEffie Hilda Blanche Kingston
Birth13 Nov 1887Bream Creek, Tasmania, Australia
Death1963New Town, Tasmania, Australia
Marriageto Bert Hill
FOlive Ada Beatrice Kingston
Birth14 Nov 1889
Death13 Mar 1893
MFrederick Clyde Kingston
Birth11 Aug 1892
Death5 Aug 1920
Marriage1918to Virginia Olga Largen at Hobart, Tasmania, Australia
FBertha Louise Kingston
Birth4 Oct 1873Bream Creek, Tasmania
Marriage25 Apr 1904to Harold Witcombe
Family Group Sheet - Spouse
PARENT (M) Harold Witcombe
Birth23 Jul 18531 Albion Grove, Stoke, Newington, London
Death5 Jun 1921 General Hospital, Hobart
Marriage25 Apr 1904to Bertha Louise Kingston
Marriage7 Feb 1885to Isabella Horne at Launceston
FatherWilliam James Witcombe
MotherEleanor Margaret Goldie
PARENT (F) Bertha Louise Kingston
Birth4 Oct 1873Bream Creek, Tasmania
Marriage25 Apr 1904to Harold Witcombe
FatherCharles Kingston
MotherMary Jemina Payne
FJoyce Hilda Witcombe
Birth25 Dec 1915
Death18 Jan 1994Preston and Northcote Community Hospital, Preston, Victoria, Australia
MarriageNov 1935to Robert Frank Morton Bob Cleeland
MCharles Harold Witcombe
Birth20 Aug 1904
Death20 Jul 1975
MWilliam John Witcombe
Death9 Oct 1926
FMary Eleanor Witcombe
Birth14 Oct 1907
MRoy Edgar Witcombe
Death7 Nov 1924
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Descendancy Chart
Bertha Louise Kingston b: 4 Oct 1873 d: 1966
Harold Witcombe b: 23 Jul 1853 d: 5 Jun 1921
Joyce Hilda Witcombe b: 25 Dec 1915 d: 18 Jan 1994
Robert Frank Morton Bob Cleeland b: 24 Jul 1911 d: 20 Apr 1999
Peter Robert Cleeland b: 31 May 1938 d: 17 Sep 2007
Janet Dorothy Reid b: 1 Dec 1946 d: 28 Nov 2010
Charles Harold Witcombe b: 20 Aug 1904 d: 20 Jul 1975
William John Witcombe b: 1906 d: 9 Oct 1926
Mary Eleanor Witcombe b: 14 Oct 1907 d: 2007
Roy Edgar Witcombe b: 1912 d: 7 Nov 1924