Eileen Henrietta Cleeland

Eileen Henrietta Cleeland
b: Oct 1904
d: 19 Feb 1988
BIOGRAPHY: Died Highland Park Nursing Home
Sis in law Of Ted Jeffery, Sis and Sis in law of Jack and Joy Cleeland, Marion (dec) and Peter Forrest, Harry and Peg Cleeland, Pat and Jack(dec) Bryant, Joan and Basil (dec) Mitchelson and Jim Clleand and Stepmother of Peg Dixon
Sis of Pat, Sis in law of Jack(dec) Aunt of Barb and Bob, Jenny and Brian and their families
Sis of Harry Sis in law of Peg
Sis of Joan and Basil (dec)Mitchelson Aunt of Robert and Lynm Alisa and Greg, Julie and Barry
Aunt of Alisa, Greg, Jacqui and Jason
Aunt of Julie, Barry, Soama and Nigel
Article Family File Page 965

=== LEADER (Melbourne) 27 November 1915 ===
Wollomai House, Newhaven, Phillip Island
Dear Cinderella,-
This is the second time I have written to you. I was very pleased to see my last letter in print. As we may write on any subject we like, I will begin by telling you about the mutton birds, which come regularly every year to lay their eggs in their nests on the rookeries on Cape Wollomai. Cape Wollomai is very near our home. And we go on the rookeries every year to gather eggs. The birds lay very large eggs, as big as a duck egg. They make a big burrow for their nest. They make their nests in sandy ground above the cliffs. They are only supposed to lay one egg each year, but we think they must lay more, because in April, when the young birds are ready to take you will find a young bird in nearly every nest, so if the birds only laid one egg there would not be a young bird in every nest, because hundreds of dozen of eggs are taken off the rookeries every year. Crowds of people come from different parts to gather eggs. 'The eggs are very nice. Fried boiled or scrambled. I like them scrambled best, and people make cakes with them. You have to use a long wire hook to get the eggs out of the burrows, and sometimes they are very hard to get out. The birds bcgin to fly away from here in April and they do not come back again until November. They are funny birds; they cannot rise off the ground, they have to scramble on to a mound or the edge of the cliffs to fly out to sea. They usually leave their nests dur- ing the day, and come in again at night. Well, Cinderella, I think I have told you all I know about mutton birds, so I will close my letter, with best love to yourself and the little ones in the cot.
-I remain, yours sincerely,
11 years 1 month. Please, may I write again?
[Yes, Eileen; write again. Tell us more about the visitors to Cape Woolamali.-Cinderella.]
  • Oct 1904 - Birth - ; Cowes, Victoria, Australia
  • 22 Feb 1988 - Burial - ; Lakes Entrance, Victoria, Australia
  • 19 Feb 1988 - Death - ; Beaconsfield, Victoria, Australia
John Cleeland
1828 - 25 Jan 1914
John Blake Cleeland
6 Jan 1875 - 23 Nov 1945
Eileen Henrietta Cleeland
Oct 1904 - 19 Feb 1988
Margaret Jane Kennon
1879 - 4 Dec 1909
Family Group Sheet - Child
PARENT (M) John Blake Cleeland
Birth6 Jan 1875South Yarra, Victoria
Death23 Nov 1945 Cowes, Victoria, Australia
Marriage1903to Margaret Jane Kennon at Victoria, Australia
Marriage1911to Ethel Hartley at Victoria, Australia
FatherJohn Cleeland
MotherIsabel Jane Forbes Blake
PARENT (F) Margaret Jane Kennon
Death4 Dec 1909 Cowes, Victoria, Australia
Marriage1903to John Blake Cleeland at Victoria, Australia
FatherS S Kennon
FEileen Henrietta Cleeland
BirthOct 1904Cowes, Victoria, Australia
Death19 Feb 1988Beaconsfield, Victoria, Australia
Marriage1935to Benjamin Reckaba Dixon at Victoria, Australia
FIvy Florence Cleeland
Birth2 Feb 1907Cowes, Victoria, Australia
Death18 Feb 1991Cowes, Victoria, Australia
FRita V Cleeland
Death2 Aug 2006Cowes, Victoria, Australia
Marriageto Edward Everard Jeffery
Family Group Sheet - Spouse
PARENT (M) Benjamin Reckaba Dixon
Death21 Jun 1973 Lakes Entrance, Victoria, Australia
Marriage1935to Eileen Henrietta Cleeland at Victoria, Australia
PARENT (F) Eileen Henrietta Cleeland
BirthOct 1904Cowes, Victoria, Australia
Death19 Feb 1988 Beaconsfield, Victoria, Australia
Marriage1935to Benjamin Reckaba Dixon at Victoria, Australia
FatherJohn Blake Cleeland
MotherMargaret Jane Kennon
FPeggy Dixon
Descendancy Chart
Eileen Henrietta Cleeland b: Oct 1904 d: 19 Feb 1988
Benjamin Reckaba Dixon b: 1885 d: 21 Jun 1973