Clark, Alexina Louisa Jeanette

Alexina Louisa Jeanette Clark
b: 1897
d: 8 Aug 1948
-- From Marriage Records --

APPEARED PERSONALLY, William Andrew Macdonald, of the Parish of St Benet Fink Tottenham in the County of Middlesex, a Bachelor of the age of twenty one years and uwards, and prayed a Licence for the solemnization of Matrimony in the Parish Church of St Benet Fink Tottenham aforesaid between him and Alexina Jeanette Clark of the same Parish Spinster, a Minor of the age of twenty years and upwards and made Oath that he believeth that there is no impediment of Kindred or Alliance, or of any other lawful cause, nor any Suit commenced in any Ecclesiastical Court to bar or inhder the Proceeding of the said Matrimony, according to the tenor of such Licence. And he further made Oath, that she the said Alexina Jeanette Clark hath had her usual Place of abode within the said Parish of St Benet Fink Tottenham for the space of Fifteen days last past. And he lastly made oath that the said Minor hath no father living or Guardian of her person to her lawfully appointed and that the consent of Mary Jane Clark (widow) the natural and lawful mother of the said Minor hath been obtained to the said marriage.
Sworn at 1, Dean\\'s Court, Doctors\\' Commons, London on the 21st day of June 1917 Before me Albert E Lave.
The document is signed William Andrew Macdonald and A L Clark.

A note attached to the document states:
I, Mary Jane Clark, of 121 Granville Rd, Wood Green, the natural and lawful Mother of Alexina Jeanette Clark, a Minor, consent to the Marriage of my said daughter with William Andrew Macdonald.
Signed: Mary Jane Clark
Date: 20 Jun 1917
Witness: (signed) Ellen Isabell Clark

-- London, England, Births and Baptisms 1813-1906 --
When Baptized: 1898, January 14
Child\\'s Christian Names: Alexina Louisa Jeanette
Parent\\'s Names (Christian): Charles Joseph and Mary Jane
Parent\\'s Names (Surname): Clark
Abode: 4 Perth Road, Shond Green(?)
Quality, Trade or Profession: Painter

Also baptised in same book:
Alexina Ellen Isabella

-- From Freebdm Registry in UK - Births registered in October, November and December 1897 --
CLARK, Alexina Louisa J ...... Edmonton 3 a. 338

-- THE SYDNEY MORNING HERALD, 10 August 1948 --
MACDONALD, Alexina Louise Janette.
- August 8, 1948 at her rsidence, 19 Balmoral Street, Waltara. Dearly loved wife of William Norman Macdonald, and loved mother of Alexander, David, James, Ruth, Bruce, Colin and Ian. Aged 51 years. At rest.

-- THE SYDNEY MORNING HERALD, 9 August 1949 --

MACDONALD - In sad and loving memory of my darling sister, Alexina Macdonald, who passed away on August 8, 1948. Loving wife of William and loving mother of Alexander, David, Jim, Ruth, Bruce, Colin, Ian and Tommy Leek.
A better mother and sister no one could find. Loved by all. In god\\'s care.
Inserted by her loving sister, Georgina and John and nephews, Albert and John of Melbourne.

Name: Alexina L J Clark
Event Type: Census
Event Date: 31 Mar 1901
Gender: Female
Age: 3
Relationship to Head of Household: Daughter
Birthplace: Finsbury Pk, London
Schedule Type: Household
Registration District: Edmonton
Sub-District: Hornsey
Ecclesiastical Parish: St John The Evangelist Brownswood Park
Civil Parish: Hornsey
District/Parish/County: Middlesex

-- NOTES FROM Jan Macdonald --
Met William Norman Macdonald while he was on leave from France (fightin WWI) in England.

She was one of three sisters, all called Alexena. Alexena Louise (Alex), Alexena Helen (Nellie) (4 daughters none of whom married).

Cause of death: Heart failure - coronary occlusion at age 49

-- Letter to Nellie Clark sometime late 1940s --

My Dear Nelly,

The mail for Xmas closes tomorrow, for home, and so I\\'m writing to wish you all a very happy xmas and new year. It\\'s quite a while since I heard from you.

Alec is home and has got his discharge from the air board, and started his first job last week. He is credit manager of the National Cash Registers in Sydney. His home is being built quite close to me and it should be finished before Xmas. I will be having the great joy of seeing him pass every day on his way to work. They are going to have a very nice place, with every modern convenience, and a very nice home. They have both saved and worked hard for it and I\\'m so glad for them.

Janice is growing quite a big girl, and they are going to live quite near the school my children attended. Mine have been very happy there, and now they are going on to High School.

David is stil at home, says he is going to be a confirmed bachelor. Jimmy and [soldier boy][?] is in Borneo. He is in our famous 9th division and took part in the Battle of Tariskaw[?] and Labuan[?]. He hopes to be home for xmas.

Ruth is in an office in Sydney, and is quite grown up, but she says she would rather be home with mum. I\\'d like her home too but it\\'s not fair to her, and [sant] pbev] to get out and meet young people of her own age. Bruce is going to High School and Colin will be going next year. Ian is 9 now and is growing tall. The little boys heard over the air that there is a shortage of soap in England and they have made you a parcel and sent it on to you. I am also sending you a parcel and a cake, and I hope you get it before xmas this time. Mac is very well and sends his love to you.

I have some young friends of David\\'s, Carol and Geoff Mayola[?]. They are fine young men and good catholics. Geoff is an engineer and is talking of going to sea as a ships engineer. Abe[?] told him about Rosemary and asked him if he would like to write to her. But I\\'ll ask you first, Nelly. He is 21. They are country boys and come from a nice home. If Rosemary would like to write to Geoff his address is Geoff Major, Junction Rd, Waitara, Sydney. HOw are you all. Give my love to all the folks at home. The children all send their love to you.

Wishing you a very happy xmas.

Your loving sister,

Alexina Macdonald

What about sending us some snaps of you all?
  • 1897 - Birth - ; Finsbury Park, Hornsey
  • 14 Jan 1898 - Christening - ; St Mark, Tollington Park, England
  • 8 Aug 1948 - Death - ; Waltara, Sydney, New South Wales, Australia
George Boardman
ABT 1819 -
Mary Jane Boardman
Oct 1860 - 15 Aug 1927
ABT 1821 -
Family Group Sheet - Child
PARENT (M) Charles Joseph Clark
BirthJan 1867Milksham, Wiltshire, England
Marriage8 Aug 1894to Mary Jane Boardman at Parish Church, Hornsey, Middlesex, England
FatherGeorge Clark
MotherElizabeth Isabella
PARENT (F) Mary Jane Boardman
BirthOct 1860Blackburn, Lancashire, England
Death15 Aug 1927 Melbourne, Australia
Marriage8 Aug 1894to Charles Joseph Clark at Parish Church, Hornsey, Middlesex, England
FatherGeorge Boardman
FAlexina Louisa Jeanette Clark
Birth1897Finsbury Park, Hornsey
Death8 Aug 1948Waltara, Sydney, New South Wales, Australia
Marriage21 Jun 1917to William Norman Macdonald at Dean's Court, Doctor's Commons, London
FAlexina Ellen Isabella Clark
Birth3 May 1896Finsbury Park, Hornsey
DeathAug 1984Dorset, England
Marriageto George Davis Clark
FGeorgina Marjorie Clark
Birth6 Aug 1902Rotherhite Avenue, Hornsey
Death9 Dec 1970Healesville, Victoria, Australia
Marriage21 Apr 1920to John James Holloway at Edmonton, Middlesex, England
Family Group Sheet - Spouse
PARENT (M) William Norman Macdonald
Birth23 Aug 1889
Marriage21 Jun 1917to Alexina Louisa Jeanette Clark at Dean's Court, Doctor's Commons, London
FatherNorman Hudson Macdonald
PARENT (F) Alexina Louisa Jeanette Clark
Birth1897Finsbury Park, Hornsey
Death8 Aug 1948 Waltara, Sydney, New South Wales, Australia
Marriage21 Jun 1917to William Norman Macdonald at Dean's Court, Doctor's Commons, London
FatherCharles Joseph Clark
MotherMary Jane Boardman
MJames Macdonald
MBruce Macdonald
MIan Macdonald
BirthSep 1937
MAndrew Macdonald
BirthSep 1937
MAlexander Macdonald
Birth28 Sep 1920Auburn, NSW
Death5 Mar 1981Alfred Hospital, Prahran, Victoria
Marriage13 Apr 1942to Private at Sydney, New South Wales, Australia
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Descendancy Chart
Alexina Louisa Jeanette Clark b: 1897 d: 8 Aug 1948
William Norman Macdonald b: 23 Aug 1889
James Macdonald b: 1928 d: 1982
Bruce Macdonald b: 1934 d: 1966
Ian Macdonald b: Sep 1937 d: 2008
Andrew Macdonald b: Sep 1937 d: 1938
Alexander Macdonald b: 28 Sep 1920 d: 5 Mar 1981